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Hello World

Sometimes we just have to let go due to some circumstances that we cant change, Chucks is from a strict religious home or let me say his parents are religious fanatics. He couldnt cope with their doctrine when he got into college and met new set of friends who change his mindset. After few months, he started dating sandra who happened to be more of a social-able person. Sandra was everything to Chuks and vice-versa. They were the best couple in class because they do most things together and were noticed by all. After graduating, they still kept in-touch with eachother for years until when it was time for Chuks to settle and the parent insisted that he must marry from their church. Chuck fled up and disagreed, after much pressure and persuasion, he went for the parent option and left Sandra, his longtime babe. If you find yourself in Chuks position, what would you do…….Let’s move to today’s story, dont forget to share your opinions in the comment box
I am one of your followers on Instagram from Tanzania, I am 24 years old and I was hoping you give advice, I have been seeing someone since February this year, and it first began as a friends with benefits, because he was seeing someone at that time. Later I began having feelings for him and told him, he said he liked me but he always ignored me, he only looked for me when he needed the cookie, so I broke off the deal, with him. He began begging me to get back with him, since June this year till September, I agreed we should get back together on one condition he should leave his girlfriend and he said he will, but there was no change, I tried to explain it to him that I wasn’t ready to share with his current girl, and I needed love in my life not games, he always replied please just give me the cookie for the last time, then some time later, he took me out for a date, something he has never done, he was a gentleman, so after giving him the cookie, he has been offline for more than two weeks, if he is online when ever I call, he sounds annoyed, worst of all he is a class mate, I am doing something wrong in this relationship for making it good? Because all my previous relationships have always been this way, if its not meant to be how do I get over him?
Dear Babe,
I quite understand your plight, its so obvious that this guy doesn’t really love you. Try to move on by doing things that interest and make you happy; Make new friends, read inspirational books, go to cinemas, find a new hobby and if possible stop calling him or stay away from where he can see you. I hope these things will definitely help you forget about him. Just be yourself and stay hopeful, the best will definitely come your way soon.
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