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Hello World

Some people can do anything for love and relationship, Tito lives in southwest while her bf, Patrick stays far north due to his work. Tito has always being the one visiting Patrick. They met online and since then Tito has being so fond of him, telling all her friends about the new dude. Some friends warned her about it but she was only concerned about the guy and the relationship. Tito goes to see Pat at least twice in a month, the last time she was there she complained about how Patrick treated her and I told her that, to me you seem desperate, if this guy truly wants you let him come down to see you and even meet your people. She disagreed with me saying I won’t understand the nature Patrick’s job. She kept on going to see him, acting like a wife even risking her life and all for like two years, Patrick complained that her V*rginal was too loose, Tito got a tightening soap and cream, did exercise and got it back to shape but despite all Patrick was just giving all sort of flimsy excuses like the relationship is becoming boring. I told her to opt out sharply but she said she can see a future with him until recently that Patrick told my dear friend that she should stay away from him because the relationship can’t work. Tito is bitter and sad right now, If you are in her shoes what would you do??? Anyways let move on to today’s story and don’t forget to give your advice below.

 Dear Amaka,

I live abroad and did court wedding with a man I meet through my sister in Nigeria and sponsored him without him doing the traditional wedding and the reason for that was that he did not have the money to do all that but he did the introduction. The problem I have now is that I have 2 children for him now and I have been asking him when would he go and pay the bride price he is telling me that whenever he is ready. I don’t know what to do now. Help please

Dear Worried Wife,

I quite understand your plight and I would like to remind you that marriage is for better for worse moreover you’ve got two kids for him. Just try to understand your man, since he said he does not have money right now, bear with him for some time but if he doesn’t seem bothered about it for sometime, report him to an older person in his family. In all I wish you best of luck.

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