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Hey Lovelies

When it comes to hair colors its certainly not a black and white matter. Coloring your hair or buying colorful hair extension needs to be done with precision because you might end up with something that does’t suit your face.Below are six looks that am in love with because the creation is perfect, the hair extensions are on point and of course the finishes is fantastic.

This Full on Curls Bohemian hairstyle is made with a burnt orange extension which makes the look even more fabulous, so if you want a touch to your bohemian hair then this burnt orange look is cool but this look is for people with a light skin tone.

Full Curls

Hello World

The rainbow colored look goes off an on, but if you’ve never tried it before this lighter rainbow shades should do the trick but you can go for darker shades like purple and green if you have a dark skin tone.

Middle Part

This ombre hairstyle is super gorgeous and can suit almost any skin tone.

Full Middle Part

I love this shade, this side bob is pure perfection and the shades which is blue, black and grey blends in perfectly.


Side Bob

Purple Purple Purple! This is the famous shade that suits all skin type.


A blonde look is on another level, if you want a look like this then you have to visit your stylist so you would know what blonde shade suits you best.

Side Part

This is another color that suits all skin tones and this pony tail hairstyle is just amazing.


Pony Tail

This natural pixie crop cu hairstyle takes balls to pull off.



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