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Hey Lovelies

This week we are all about the Undercut hairstyle. This hairstyle adds movement dimension and texture to an entire look. They can be styled into various shapes and sizes from curly to short to bangs.  The undercut takes a lot of gut to achieve because you have to be bold and edgy to be able to rock this look with confidence.

Now there are several looks you can achieve with the undercut first off:

Long And Wavy 

This hairstyle is glamorous and has been rocked by a lot of celebrities including rihanna, the long wavy undercut is perfect for events and functions. This hairstyle is dressed in elegant waves through the side and the back adding a lot of movement shape and texture. This hairstyle is easy to recreate with the right products and tool and a very good salon. It is a perfect hairdo on women with oblong, square, oval and diamond face structure.

Short And Wavy

Now the short and wavy undercut is the perfect hairstyle to wow crowds in. The back is cut short and close to the head likewise one side of the hairdo leaving the opposite side longer with layers and textures and an asymmetric finish. This hairdo is perfect for a long face, oval, square and diamond. To keep this style in shape spritz extra hairspray to hold.

Short Straight And Alternative

Now this hairdo is edgy, bold and defiant, the sides are clipped short blending into the top which has a jagged cut and left long enough to form bangs for that strong feel, this hairstyle is perfect for those fashionista’s that don’t like normal and regular trim but like a look that is rough around the edges. It is perfect for heart, triangular, round and oval face.

There are so many other under cut hairstyles you can try out get inspiration; Below are diva’s rocking the undercut look.


Undercut Braids

Hello World
Long and Wavy

Undercut Long and Wavy

medium wavy length

Undercut Medium Wavy Length

Short And Curly

Undercut Short And Curly

short and wavy

Undercut Short and Wavy

shorty and curly

Undercut Medium Curly Length

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