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Hello Beautiful Nappy Headed Sisters

There isn’t so much out there on how you can take care of your hair and that to me isn’t a fair deal. I’ve met so many people that have shown interest on maintaining dreads but upon research they’ve come up with almost nothing that would guide them when it comes to maintaining their hair.


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Its pretty obvious that finding the right tip for maintaining dreadlocks is crucial especially when you are starting out. There are so many things that you need to be mindful of especially since anything could cause all kinds of problem for your hair (especially smell wise). Its very important that you maintain a hair care routine that would affect the neatness and growth positively, so whether you are just starting out or not, below are the hair treatment you need in other to maintain your dreadlocks;

1. Many people have said you can’t wash dreadlocks but think about it, if you don’t wouldn’t it smell? Washing locks can be done by using all natural residue free shampoo and conditioner.

2. Most people do not appreciate a loose LOCKS, but palm rolling it keeps it tight, awesome and it helps them to maintain their shape.

3. Washing your locks means paying them full attention because if they are not air dried or blow dried properly they begin to smell (an awful smell) since moisture gets trapped in them. So blow dry them and be sure they are super dry.

4. Waxing your hair is cool only when your hair is super dry, never apply wax to a wet hair.

5. Once you apply wax, its important that you wear a band and wrap a scarf around your head before going to bed so you don’t get wax on the pillow.

6. When your dreadlocks starts growing they become tighter and they start to itch at some point so its important to have a handy peppermint ointment, cream or essential oil you can use to calm the itching.

7. Don’t listen to those who say you should start dreads with food product, rather start dreads with products that are meant for it.

I hope this tips help you along… Do you have dreadlocks? How have you maintained it thus far? Share with us you might be helping somebody.

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