Hair Fascinators and Hat trend


Wedding hair fascinators and hat are in trend, brides, wedding guests now stylishly wearing the fascinators and hats at Nigerian weddings, and even for church services. Whether you’re a a bride, a bridesmaid, a guest, or the mother of the bride, an hair fascinator or hat is sure to add a royal vibe to your outfit. There are several types of hair fascinators and hats to choose from, percher hats, the wide brimmed, birdcage veil type of fascinators e.t.c To help you further, here are some tips to consider on how to choose a wedding hat or headpiece based on the latest wedding trends or for your church gathering, if your church is one that it is required of you to cover your hair and you still wnt to be stylish about it.
Firstly, know your face shape, hair fascinators go well on a small and petite face, for a round, or oval face, opt for a wide brimmed hat, know how your outfit would suit the type of hair fascinator or hat you about to pick.

Check to see that the colours compliment each other, compliment the whole clothing; be it your church outfit, your bridesmaid dress, or if as a bride, you opting for an hair fascinator; your wedding gown. So here are a few Hair fascinators and hats to look through.


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