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For a while the Mid-length skirt was unpopular, each year saw the slow death of the mid-length skirt but at the turn of 2014/2015 the mid length skirt came out with a bang and fashion evolved encompassing more people than it did before (we have Kim Kardashian to thank for this). From the beginning of 2015 we began to see celebrities and fashion bloggers in mid length skirts whether full bodies, flare or body con style and thus began the frenzy.

The Mid-length skirt takes shape in every type of fabric, cut and style imaginable, they have the tendency to look anyway you want it, dowdy, elegant or cool. Here is my dish on the rules on how to rock a mid-length skirt, this tips should help you navigate easily;

The right Spot

Anywhere between the bottom of the knee to the ankle suffice as Mid length but you have to be careful with where the hemline ends because you might end up looking scruffy. Choose a length that allows you to show off the narrow parts of your legs.



Hello World

Balance and Grace

A Tulle skirt at Mid-length comes across as a graceful look but opt for one that is sheer to make it exquisite. To achieve balance the top half of your body has to be well defined so wear a top/blouse that would help define your waist.



Maintain Structure

A mid-length skirt must have structure, it must be stiff and well formed this way it would be able to accentuate your waist rather than make you look like a geisha.


Claire Sulmers


The Mid-length skirt is already standoffish especially if you go for full flared skirts so its best if you keep it simple because bright and loud prints might be a lot for too much fabric. Solid and neutral colors work best.




Its hard not to find a mid-length skirt with slits, they make for a very flattering look. Rather than a middle slit that only shows of the lining of the skirt opt for the one that shows off your legs for definition and sass.



The Right Lift

There is nothing as awesome as a well balanced outfit, to make the Mid-length skirt a statement it is important to add heels to the equation because it makes you look feminine and elegant plus it elongates your legs.



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