Grey Marley Hairstyle The New Fashion Frenzy

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Hey Awesome lovers,

Its Wednesday i already smell the Friday air, trust me i breathe deeper to get it all in. You feel it too huh,yeah i know i know, but for me thinking of the weekend make me realize that its time to bring down that thing called hairdo that has been on my head. If you get tired of the norm like me you would understand when i say that this thought comes with a whole lot of headaches,as my brain keeps trying to locate that awesome hairstyle that i can have on which would be awesome, something different biko!.

Grey Marley hair is the new chic hairstyle,it is awesome and different, what is awesome about this hairdo is that its daring and different from the norm, you can rock this hairstyle in any concept and style,several ways you can style your Grey Marley hair are as follows:

  1. Buns:This is likely the most popular way to style your Grey Marley hairstyle. The advantage of buns is that it comes in varieties. Buns can be bulky ,thin, loose or tight. Which ever way that suites you most.
  2. Ponytail:To make a ponytail,you pack your Grey Marley hair up and mart it way down, some people do the matting to the tip while others don’t,you can wrap it with a scarf, or fix a hair bow, this adds some level of elegance to it.
  3. Twists: This is more like having fun with your Grey Marley hairstyle,you can twist to the front that is your forehead, you can twist to any side, you can decide to use pins to hold them up into any position or style, you can even make more than one twist at a time.
  4. Braids: You can also braid your Grey Marley hairstyle, you can braid them all in one, you can wrap around or make different braids.

here are some pictures to show you some ways you can rock the Grey Marley look.

  1. Hello World

    Grey Marley packed up to fall

    Up do and side fall


    The up do

    Loose packing




    There’s absolutely no going wrong with the Grey Marley hair do, I for one am rocking this style big time.


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