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Wedding planning involves so many task that provide a chance to exercise your creativity. From the decorations, music to favors to the wedding cake which literally tops them all. Your creativity comes in play in selecting the design you want for your cake.

The wedding cake has a significant symbol to your wedding and marriage. For many, the wedding cake symbolizes fertility and prosperity. But aside that, there is also the symbolism of the cutting of the cake; the togetherness between the newlyweds that it demonstrates. So there must be a cake at a wedding and better if the cake adds to your decoration and tastes great. Giving your guest another reason to remember your big day.

In Nigeria, our cakes for wedding ceremony comes in two, the traditional or engagement cake and the reception cake. Today, its all about the traditional wedding cakes. A lot of uniqueness and creativity are miles ahead of the game when it comes to our traditional wedding cakes. Over the years, these traditional cakes have evolved to more sophisticated works of art and usually depict some aspect of the bride and groom culture. Check out the popular trends we’ve noticed

  • Cake Topper Inspired Cakes: This has become very popular with couples from different tribes with a mini me version closely resembling them on the cake. Outfits and colour are usually designed to match the couple’s wear


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  • Head gear Inspired Cakes: Native headgears are very common trend in our different tribes. So many caterers have imbibed this type of cake with head gears of the couple’s tribe as a design concept.


  • Kolanut and Gourd Inspired Cakes: Kolanut and gourd play an important role in our culture and traditions, so many cakes are design to reflect it


  • Drum Inspired Cakes: A part of our culture especially when it comes to dancing and festivals is the “Talking drum”, it is quite heavily seen as designs for traditional weddings.


  • Suitcase Inspired Cakes: A sign to show the bride leaving her parents home for her in-laws or stacked suitcases as part of the dowry asked, has been incorporated into designs of wedding cakes.


  • Basket Of Fruits Inspired Cake: A sign to show the items of the dowry paid for the bride is a basket of fruits. With so much creativity comes the basket of fruits traditional wedding cake.


What type of traditional wedding cake do you want for your wedding? Share with us in the comment box

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