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Ma Divas!

A lot of us have heard the words; “Dress the way you wish to be addressed”. This gives you the freedom to rock the outfits that you feel are quite convenient for you. Although some persons go the extra mile, since there is freedom in the fashion world; it’s either they dress to kill, or dress to look smart. Whichever way it appears, that freedom has been given, although some work environments put in some restrictions as regards work outfits.

The full-figured beauties faced many fashion challenges prior to this time, but thank goodness the reverse is the case now. There are a thousand and one outfits you can rock as a curvy and stylish plus-size beauty, especially here in Nigeria. We are proud to rock our one and only Ankara fabric which suites every occasion we find ourselves. These outfits can boost your confidence at all times. From Ankara jumpsuits to hi-lo skirts, shirts, jackets, gowns, name them! All these boost your confidence. At this time, get inspired with these Ankara outfits for confidence;

An Ankara high waist skirt paired with lace top and heels.


High waist skirt

Hello World

An Ankara swing dress should be rocked on sneakers and matching bag.


Swing dress

Slay in an Ankara hi-lo dress. Finish up with matching ankle straps.


Hi-lo dress

Pair a plus-size tulle skirt with a Kente crop top and coat. Complement this look with your sneakers.


Tulle skirt

Effortlessly slay in an Ankara maxi dress on flats.


Maxi dress

Up your fashion game with an Ankara flare gown, matching bag and ankle straps.


Flare gown

These Ankara outfits are perfect for the full-figured beauties. How you rock yours depends on you!

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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