Floral Print Dress for Your Lazy Mondays

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The Floral Print Dress is gradually growing into a raving trend. Its bright,its colourful,its different and it’s beautiful. It makes you stand out in the crowd,and draws the attention to you.
Especially the Monday rush,every Monday is sad,nobody wants to go back to work,everybody is just sad the weekend is over. So,you need all the ginger you can get for your swagger.

Floral patterned clothing comes in handy in this aspect. I like to call it the happy fabric. There is something about the colour blend,design and patterns that just makes you happy. Just like flowers normally,its fragrance,the texture and even the scent relaxes you.
These patterns are good enough for your official wear,leisure wear or any casual visit. Matching your colourful print with a plain shirt/skirt makes a lot of sense.


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The design drawn on these fabrics gives you a happy feel and makes you look forward to a brighter Monday. It not only succeeds in making you happy or comfortable,but it attracts other people and brightens their mood.

However,wearing a print dress as it is sometimes called is very peculiar to some event. You do not wear it to an event where conservative and neutral colours are expected. Because of its brightness and tendency to draw attention,you can’t step out in flowery prints if you do not want the attention.
So,for a Monday or to boost your mood and others around you,get a print dress,shirt,skirt or even a scarf.

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