Flat shoes for all occasions.

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I don’t know about you but for me, wearing heels for a long time gets me cranky! Flat shoes for all occasions.
I mean, how can something so beautiful cause so much pain! I love to rock heels whenever I want to look glamorous for any occasion (sometimes to work, I need to look glamorous) but my feet sometimes just wants a break from the stilettos. What do I do when that happens? You guessed right! Flats!
If you’re like me and you have those moments, let’s find a solution together.

Oxford shoes:

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Oxfords can be worn to work and for a long night out! All the bogeying and dancing won’t affect your feet cause you’re on flats. And we have admit it does look great on the feet! Don’t you think so?


flat shoe1

If you’re going for a casual look then sandals are the best bet. Always try to give your feet room to breathe by exposing them to fresh air once in a while.


Sneakers are also very comfortable! You don’t have to be doing any sport to rock sneakers. They are also good to be worn on a casual day.


These are also like sneakers but they have an elevated platform, hence the name. Beats wearing heels right?

Do you have any other ideas for flats that can be worn to all occasions?
Write them in the comment section!

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