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Hey Lovelies

Do you know what your denim says about you? Well denim has always been the perfect medium for expression because everyone has a choice to pick the style they want to be seen in.  But what the choices you make says about you all boils down to what type of denim you have on and how you assemble your outfits.

We each have our various characteristics whether its being creative or hippy, chic or sophisticated there is the fact that we own our style and of cause our choice of denim proves that and also gives off or sends an hidden message that would be received subconsciously by an interested party.

Although we have the basic style denim which is most every body’s choice the basis of this write up is to help you find out which style of denim speaks to your personality and which of these pieces say who you are…

Imaginative/Hipster: The creative and imaginative people have an artistic eye for detail, they have an “i don’t care what you think” attitude, they love fancy but unique and artistic accessories, they can be sported in dungarees (overalls), mini jean skirts with over sized plaid shirts,  ripped jean, janties , denim cut-off, male influenced jean, over sized cardigan, tee’s with hilarious print etc…



Hello World





The Focused Kid: Never would they be made to wear something over the top, cool and preppy is what they live by. The focused kids or prepsters love to look clean and its all about achieving the prefect equilibrium. They stay clear of unnecessary embellishment, heels or voluptuous jewelry, they are not  into anything that is not a tiny bit on the androgynous side. They love to be seen in Plain jeans, knee length button down jeans, cardigans and sweaters, acid washed  jean, striped shirts, sneakers, denim joggers etc…




The Rockers: They love the bands, they enjoy gaming, biking and fantasies and they have the ability to create really eerie outfits and they don’t attempt to try hard i. They love their leather denim, mini ripped skirt, black ripped jean, janties, really skinny jeans usually in black, raw denim, vintage leopard print wears, chunky accessories ( with spikes and everything) Over sized t-shirts with mysterious prints , the leather biker jackets etc…







The sophistique: You’d never catch them in unnecessarily ripped attire’s and that’s for sure, they love to keep things clean and classy, nothing too flashy just the right amount of bling would do. Their style is refined, glamorous and elegant and they love plain jean, boot leg, blazers, brands, handbag etc…



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