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Hey Lovelies

Although we all secretly sing the nursery rhyme “rain rain go away” we all know the rain is not going anytime soon so what are the best items a fashionista must have this season? and how do we make sure the rain doesn’t serve as a spirit downer?

There are certain things you should avoid and there are certain items that are a necessity, below is a list of items to avoid wearing this season and items that are a necessity.

1. First item to avoid this season is suede, the suede fabric is not water friendly as water tends to make it wash quickly.

2. Light leather fabric is another thing to avoid because it tends to soak in water, and its even worse it its used for a handbag as whatever item inside the bag would be soaked up

3. Must have item for this season is a collapsible umbrella which certainly comes in handy especially since it can fit into the handbag, another thing that is a necessity that fits into the handbag perfectly is the shower cap, and luckily the shower cap is definitely one of the cheapest items off this list and it sure protects your hair from the rain.



Hello World

4. Now another hair necessity for this season are hair protectors, just in-case you get water in your hair, hair protectors help to smoothen it out. Get an anti-frizz serum, hair spray and setting spray also comes in handy.

5. Instead of opting for really light colors, go for darker ones instead especially when it has been announced in the weather report that it would be a rainy day as its hard to get mud stain off really light colored clothes.

6. Rain boots is certainly not a favorite but this depends on the environment because if you are heading to an environment that would be filled up with water, rain boot is certainly your best option. Opt for the really cute or really stylish types don’t go for the worker type as that’s a fashion no no.

Rain Boot

Rain Boot

7. Avoid looking like gloom from soaked clothing by going for really cute rain coats as they cover up at least 70% of your entire body  and they are really handy

8. Water proof wallets and handbags are always super cute, so there is certainly no qualms in getting two or three to suit this seasons purpose. They come in colorful and attractive colors and they protect the items you keep inside. you should also get one or two phone pouch made of rubber or plastic, i certainly prefer the rubber pouch since its softer.

Water Proof

Water Proof

9. The hairstyle for this season is certainly faux dread locks and braids, you can certainly choose from an array of several styles and they are definitely long lasting and they dry up easily if soaked by rain

10. Another important fashion item to have is the leather jacket as rain bounces off the jacket and it certainly keeps you warm. Also cardigans are a necessity because it gets cold really fast this days, so make sure to go for really bright colors that can lighten up your mood and make sure its thick enough to keep you warm.

11. other items you may need are travelling dryer since they are really petite and can fit into a medium sized handbag, another important accessory is the jelly shoes, they are bright, colorful and really cute and cannot be spoilt by the rain since they are made of rubber and also water proof flip flops

12. Lastly lovelies our make up is really under a lot of pressure so go for water proof make up to avoid a smudged face.

During this rainy season it is ideal to go for colors that would certainly cheer you up, also go with bold accessories and trimmings.

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