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Jessica goes into a saloon to get her nails polished and the prize gets her running back home, stuck in dilemma she decides to try doing it herself, are you like Jessica or have you had worse experiences in the saloon in a bid to get your nails look good. Then you should try out this self nail art ideas which you can totally do by yourself, awesome right? yes i thought so too.

step 1

Hello World

step 2

step 3

step 4

Below are the steps on how to achieve the  Acid Wash Tie-Dye Denim Nails.

  1. Get your nail polish kit in place, that is the colors you want to work with, Neutral base, Cotton wool and Nail polish remover.
  2. Paint two coats of pale blue, to
  3. Add a layer of navy blue.
  4. Dampen the cotton wool with nail polish remover.
  5. Dab the cotton wool on your polished nails, be careful with this so as to not wipe off the entire layer of the navy blue polish, though you try to intentionally wipe some of it but not much, as there needs to be a balance of the two colors to give it the denim look feel.
  6. You hold on for a while and apply your neutral coating on it.

These steps are all you need, simple huh? yes its actually that simple. Its ok to make mistakes you can try again and again, play around with it till you get it. Voila lovers, nail art problems solved!.

We would love to see what you came up with, create your nail art,take a picture,post on instagram then tag us @fashionpolicenigeria.

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