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There is a lot of frenzy concerning the eyebrow extensions, just like the eyelash extension the eye brow extension is currently getting the attention of the beauty industry. Its no news that the eyebrow is one of the most important feature of the face and can change a persons appearance depending on how it looks. For a lot of women with thin eyebrow, the eyebrow extension is the golden opportunity they’ve been waiting for to look fleek at all times some even describe it as the highlight of their year. The eyebrow extension are also rocked by men since having thin brows is not just a woman problem.


How its applied

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Before and After Look


The Eyebrow extension are attached to the brows using tweezers and glue that’s good for the skin, its basically single hair strands that are taking out and placed strategically on the eyebrow either to fill in thin and light spaces or to create an entirely new brows. There are several reasons why the eyebrow extension is a good choice likewise a bad one. Below are a list of pro’s and cons of the eyebrow extension.


There are several advantages of the eyebrow extension;

  1. They look completely natural.
  2. They add definition to the brows and helps to frame them perfectly.
  3. It’s a confidence booster for women and men with thin hair due to health issues or nature.


I guess the con’s are more than the pro’s.

  1. They are quite expensive as they cost from $75-$350, which is not something everyone can afford.
  2. They last for three weeks maximum i.e if proper pre-cautions are taken. They stay longer on hairs than the bear skin.
  3. The process can take two and a half hour.
  4. New eyebrows stick out of the extension
  5. If you sweat a lot the eyebrow extensions stays shorter.

So far the eyebrow extension is a personal choice and it comes in various shapes and sizes for both men and women. To maintain it experts have suggested using facial cleansers instead of water to wash the face through the duration you have the extensions on, also avoid using oily facial products.

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What do you think about the eyebrow extension. would you have it done? do you think its unnecessary? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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