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Hey Lovelies

Forgetting to use deodorant is a beauty 911, many times we probably do not smell but it all depends on the weather condition that day, there are so many times we actually forget to use deodorant and we are uncomfortable all day because we imagine that we smell, sweat itself is odorless but the bacterial under our armpits is the reason why our armpits have an off odor. This bacterial is responsible for fermenting the sweat, hence the odor. The essence of the deodorant is to kill this bacterial and then leave our armpits smelling clean and fresh so then when we forget to use deodorant the the bacterial starts to act up and once there isn’t enough air passing through our pits the odor starts to sip out.

Why is deodorant so important? Its important because it contains alcohol which helps to fight and ward off bacterial, so if you forgot to use deodorant use:

1. Hand Sanitizer: This is probably the fastest solution ( and yes i have used this before). Sanitizer contains anti-bacterial repellent and alcohol which normal deodorant contain also. So rush to the bathroom ,get a clean wipe, swipe your armpits then dab some hand sanitizer into your palm and spread across your armpit allowing it to air dry for a few seconds. Viola! that’s all you need

2. Storm The Office Fridge: You might be lucky to find baking soda in the fridge which is used to stop the fridge from smelling, if you do find take some and rush to the bathroom, take off your blouse and sprinkle under your armpit.

3. Alcohol: If you can find alcohol close by then its perfect just sprinkle a little under your armpit and that’s all you need

4. Lemon/Lime: This are natural deodorants just swab under your armpit to stay fresh and cool.

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What do you think about this tips for when you forget to use deodorant, are the tips useful of not? leave comments in the comment box below.

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