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Our hair is an aspect of our personal grooming, styling it should be a big part of our daily beauty regime. Styling our hair can be fun because once you have created the perfect look you feel really confident and fabulous. The question now is what hair styling products can you use to achieve a fabulous hairstyle? There are a variety of hair styling products that can be used to achieve a fabulous look, but before you get one make sure to check for reviews or ask your local hairstylist to refer some products to you. There are several amazing hair styling products you can get off the shelf here are some that are well recommended.

Hair spray products

Hair spray products

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MOUSSE: Styling Mousse is a foamy light weight product which reduces static and gives the hair bounce and volume, its great for limps hair and hair that needs lift. Use a small amount when blow drying as this would make your hair soft and voluminous, do not use too much because it can make your hair crunchy.

GEL: Gels are clear, heavy and a little bit gooey, they help to hold the hair in place, asides that they can be used to make a hair look messy , spike and keeping the hair flicked out. Gel adds definition to a hair do and its recommended for the fine or flat hair. When using hair gel it has to be just about right as too little can be pretty ineffective and too much would be lethal, sooth and reactivate  your gel with a little water.

GEL SPRAY: The gel spray holds hair into place without the white residue, its very similar to the hairspray. The gel spray gives a misty and wet look when styling.

WAX: Wax looks good on messy hair and it helps in defining layered hair, separating hair strands and smoothing locks into place. when using wax, warm it up by rubbing it in between your palms to make it easier to work with. Alternative to wax is the molding cream

SMOOTHING SHINE: This products is perfect once you want a glossy and shiny hair, this product reduces static and works well on frizzy hair. Use only a small amount of this product as too much of it would give off an oily residue.

HAIR SPRAY: Hairspray is an alternative to gel spray and it keeps a strong hold all day long its great for curly, flicked and messy hair but be careful not to use too much as it has a white residue. Alternative to the hair spray is the lacquer.

PERM RODS/FLEX: Perm rods, or flex are a most have for every women, they make great hairstyles, perm rods come in different shapes and sizes and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have at least two sizes as they give different looks.

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