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Twitter have been abuzz for the past couple of days as a certain twitter user and his wife have been trending. According to reports the couple got married earlier this and it was supposedly an awesome wedding ceremony. Although this rumor has been on social media for a while it only got hot when a certain unknown twitter user went on to bring their so called receipt.

A few days ago a Nigerian Twitter user @Subdeliveryman posted and deleted a DM he received from a friend about a couple. In it the friend talks about how the a wife on her honeymoon was exposed to her husband’s other life, she found out he sent nudes and messages to a certain media personality/lawyer friend who was part of the husbands groomsmen.

The Friend also talked about how the wife ousted her husband as being ‘Gay’ to his family and that they held a meeting in which they came upon an agreement whereby she could go look outside her marriage whenever she so please. The conversation went on to reveal that the wife who had put to bed a few days ago also had a lover outside of her matrimonial home.

According to reports and alleged further investigation, the wife was reported to have sent Joro Olumofin, a social media Psychologist a message on how to tackle her Dilemma.


Hello World

In a funny twist media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who is a good and close friend to the husband of the said wife took to his twitter page last night to separate himself from all the drama. He stated that it was laughable to think he was the husband rumored partner or if the people accused where even involved to begin with.




Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and the Husband Yoye were both present at each others wedding ceremony of cause they are long time friends.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who is married to Cynthia held his wedding February last year and he & his wife are both expecting a child together.

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