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Did you know there are some cosmetics you can store in the fridge? and if you did, do you really know which cosmetic product to store in the refrigerator?


Refrigerating cosmetics help to preserve the quality of the cosmetic, although the way we store our cosmetics is according to how fast we want to reach it but most time we store items in the wrong environment, for example items to be store in a humid place is stored in a dry place and vice versa, there are some places where we store our cosmetic that change according to the current temperature at a particular time.

What products are best stored in the refrigerator?

1. Products against puffiness

Now a lot of women are susceptible to eye-bag’s and this automatically means they have probably acquired the appropriate cosmetic products. The effectiveness of this product is double once it is stored in the refrigerator because the heat predisposes to the formation of edema and the cold helps to disperse them.

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2. Seasonal Products

During the dry season, the decrease in temperature causes our skin to dry out therefor we have to get separate creams for the season, so the question is what do we do with our other creams that would certainly be open, how do we stop it from turning black? well keeping the cream in a cold environment like the refrigerator would surely slow down the process.

3. Tonics

Tonics are supposed to shrink the pores and make your skin fresh and tight, because we rely solely on the ingredients only and we do not care where we put this cosmetic product the effect is minimal. Cold flawlessly closes the pores so if the tonic is kept in the refrigerator the results would surely be better.

4. Homemade masks and lotions

Home made products, like mask and lotions can only withstand a few hours in room temperature because they don’t have any preservative, so because of lack of time, you can prepare them and store them up in the refrigerator but they don’t last for more than a week.

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Lastly, where in the fridge do we store our cosmetic product?

The best place is surely the refrigerator door only products left for a longer period can be stored where the fruits and vegetable are stored.

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