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Hey Lovelies

Am always a DIY fan, which one of you practiced the DIY High Heel Project that I brought to you months ago (Lemme see those hands up). So if You tried that then you would love this one. Many times you see those super gorgeous studded sneakers/converse all over the internet and your eyes can’t help but love what you see and you wonder when you would get a pair for yourself, I say stop wondering (Why?) Because I’ve got you covered, Rather than rushing to the sneakers store to get your own studded pair, you can simply make them yourself and here is how:

Studded Sneakers

Studded Sneakers

Hello World

What You’ll Need

  • Rock studs from a craft store; you can get any shape and size it all has to do with preference.
  • You can either get the glue able rock stud or the sharp edge studs.
  • If you get the glue able rock studs then you need to buy glue.
  • Gloves to keep the glue from gluing your hands.
  • Old Paper to protect the surface of your table chair or board etc from being smeared with glue.
  • Scissors
  • Flat bread Knife

Here is a pictorial tutorial on how to fix it the studs:




  1. Remember to leave the glue to dry for twenty four hours before wearing.
  2. Make sure to keep extra studs just in-case some fall off later.
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Now Here is a video of how to insert the studs in your sneakers;





Would you attempt to jazz up your sneakers? How would you do it? Lets know, just leave your response in the comment section below.

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