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What do you do when your gold begins to look old from regular wear? On its own gold would not corrode but because we constantly wear it, it eventually accumulates body oils, grease, film of soap etc when it does this then you know you have to clean it. Now your gold accessories or jewelries should be cared for regularly this way it would continue to look amazing.

A lot of us have our bath with our gold jewelry, although some people do his understandably others can’t be bothered to take it off, one thing we should note is that its important to take off your gold jewelry when  cleaning, showing or bathing because chemicals can dull the gold and asides from that, the gold is a soft metal that can get scratched easily.

Here is how to clean your gold;

1. In a small bowl mix mild dish detergent or mild dish washing liquid and warm water together.


Step 1

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2. Take each gold piece and dip it in one at a time, do not pile up your gold jewelries


Step 2


3. Instead of using a tooth brush which might end up scratching your gold its best you rub with a really soft cloth  but if your gold jewelry is heavy then opt for a soft bristled brush.


Step 3


4. Once you are done scrubbing, rinse your gold jewelry in warm water until the water runs clear.


Step 4


5. Polish the gold jewelry with a fresh soft piece of cloth or chamois, once the gold is dry then you can put it away.


Step 5


Note, if your gold jewelry has gemstones make sure those stones can accommodate the cleaning process, also you can use commercial cleaning products just follow the instructions properly.

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