The need to care for our hair is on a top priority scale, but do you know how to? Caring for our hair can prove stressful because most of the time there isn’t enough time to do anything but if we take a step back we would notice that our hair is being damaged and thinning out because we can’t make out time for it.

The first step to caring for your hair is using the right shampoo and leave-in-conditioner, a lot of ladies are tired because they feel they have not gotten the right leave-in-conditioner, therefore if you feel making your own leave-in-conditioner would be better than the manufactured one,  here are some recipe that would help you out.

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#1.Multiple Oil Leave-In-Conditioner

This conditioner helps to reduce split end formation and breakage while styling, it helps to increase the lustre of your hair and condition your hair strands.

What you need:

5-7 drops of your favorite essential oil

2 Oz extra virgin olive oil

1 Oz almond oil

1 Oz melted extra virgin coconut oil

1 Oz castor oil

3 Oz avocado oil


Pour all ingredients into a clean and dry bottle or an oil mister.

Shake the bottle well so the oils mix perfectly together.

Use on damp, freshly washed or dry hair.

#2. Coconut Cream Leave-In-Conditioner

This requires a maximum of three ingredients, it is smooth, creamy and has a lovely scent.

What you need:

1 Oz of slightly melted extra virgin Coconut oil

1 Tsp. Avocado Oil

2 Oz of Aloe Vera Gel.


Pour all ingredients into a bowl and mix with a hand mixer at medium speed

Use on freshly washed or dry hair

Store leftovers in a closed container

#3. Coconut Aloe Leave-In Conditioner

Coconut and Honey always has a nice scent.

What you need:

6 drops of honeysuckle essential oil

4 Oz (or ½ cup) of Aloe Vera juice

6 Oz (or ¾ cup) of coconut water


Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake gently to get the ingredients together

Use on dry, damp or freshly washed hair

Store in a refrigerator until ready to use again

# 4. Conditioner-Based Leave-In

Now if you have a normal conditioner that you already use then this recipe is perfect for you simply follow the steps; but make sure this conditioner is not heavy in silicone or proteins and make sure it is an instant conditioner. For this a spray bottle is required

What you need:

1 Oz Naturals Conditioner

1 Oz avocado oil or olive oil

4 Oz distilled water


Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle

Shake the bottle thoroughly make sure the ingredients are well mixed

Use on damp, freshly washed or dry hair

To prolong the left over, store in the refrigerator

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