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Hey Lovelies

So you have a suede shoe that seems to be fading but you love it so much and can’t bear to throw it away? then don’t worry because this DIY high heeled project would give you an idea of what you need to do.

My recommendation is turn to the brighter side, by this I mean it’s best to favor a brighter and more defined color especially if your suede shoe falls in the solid colored or neutral category. You can work wonders with this easy and simple DIY high heeled project.


Final Look

Hello World


What you’ll need:

1 pair of shoe (your old shoe of cause, suede shoes give better result for this diy project but you can also use nu-buck or fabric).

Thin glue.

Brush (used to apply the glue).

Play now (glitters).


What you need



1. Apply a thin layer of glue onto an open container, then with a brush apply on the surface of the shoe, do this step by step carefully. Make sure to line the floor with old newspapers so the entire area won’t be messy.


Step 1


2.  After you rob the glue on the surface of the shoe, start pouring the glitter on  it.


Step 2

Place your hand over the glitter to align it and place it properly.


Step 3


After carefully completing the first section, try the next, take it one section at a time until you’ve filled all the parts.


Step 4

To keep our hands from messing each section up make sure to allow it dry at most for an our before we continue with the other section. Shed a little glitter off so it won’t look so lumpy.


Step 5

Now you will notice that the tone is no thick enough, that section should be left to dry after which you should place the glue on the top and add more glitter for an even tone.


Step 6


Step 7

To completely secure the glitters you have to paint two layers of glue, after this completion the sparkles would be in place.


Step 8


Step 9

Dry the finished process and clean your shoes afterwards with a soft brush.


Step 10

Finished look


Finished Look

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What do you think? would you try this DIY project at home? Yes or No. Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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