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Today I would be reviewing on the Milani conceal and perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer. I remember when I  was not into makeup and didn’t know the basis of makeup just doing what I can on my face, I was using Mary Kay foundation and was comfortable with it until when my Mary Kay was almost finished I went to a make up store to buy and the store attendant encouraged me to buy Milani foundation and told me “that is what  is in vogue”, I bought it considering the price was relatively cheaper than Mary Kay and I could get change to buy something else. This trip was what introduced me to the milani foundation product.


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I came back home with this product, Used it and was very happy with myself until when I decided to go into professional makeup, I found out that the product was not giving me what I wanted because I now know the real basis of make up, I had to make inquiries and  I discovered that Milani never had any foundation product as of then and the one I was cajoled to buy was very fake and sadly many people are still buying this fake product and mistaking it to be Milani foundation.



Milani just launched their conceal and perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer this year which comprises of both concealer and foundation. It comes In a wide range of 14 shades, I don’t use concealer when using this foundation. Milani conceal and perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer is a water based product, water resistant, medium to full coverage and its very thick so a little of it goes a long way. This product comes in a glass pump bottle, I love the idea of pumping the foundation out from the bottle. This product is a drugstore product and you know what that means, its very affordable. The only con I noticed on this product is that it doesn’t last long on oily skin compared to normal and dry skin.


Milani conceal and perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer is the original milani foundation and the total coverage foundation is very fake and not even a milani product.

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