Dear Amaka – My Hubby Thinks I am Failing As a Wife

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Its Amaka Again!

I don’t know what to do. We have only been married for 5 years and I think I have done the best possible I can do in this marriage. Before the children came I used to work so I was happy to help out with food, furnishing the house, paying for certain expenses like hospital bills, air tickets, clothes for the children etc. But since I quit my job and started new business things have not been so financially buoyant. Now my husband is complaining and saying that I am not a good wife and that his friend’s wives contribute to the home. My former job was not conducive for my family and I was working so hard but yet was not happy. How can I best support my hubby even with the little that I have?

Amaka: Dear friend, it’s almost impossible to please someone that general doesn’t value you. This is me not saying your husband doesn’t, but you need to ensure that he does. I’m sure you spoke to him first before you decided to leave you high paying job cause of the kids, and you guys talked about the risk you were taking together so this are one of the things that would have to suffer, if he thinks it’s not good enough then you should go look for a high paying job and get a good nanny for the kids [I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want that] so speck to him about it because the best cure for marital issues is communication and prayers, so find a way to let him hear you and get him to stop comparing you with his friends cause the marriage is just between the two of you and not between you guys and his friends!! I’m sure he’s not the most perfect husband so he should stop making you feel like you are not making any sacrifice for the home! My dear the one you are making is greater!!! You need to know that.

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