Dark underarm Do It Yourself Home Remedy.

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A lot of women feel very uncomfortable about their underarm, its very embarrassing for them to raise it up or wear sleeveless or any kind of sleeve that would expose their armpit. Although the underarm should be a tone darker than our normal skin tone (its a natural phenomenon) it sometimes has irritations from shaving sticks, deodorant or shaving hair removal and ends up being 10 times darker as the case maybe. The struggle is real when it comes to getting our underarm the right skin tone.

If you’ve given out beautiful clothes that shows your dark underarm because you are quite embarrassed about how they look and would much rather wear clothes that are covered, don’t worry cause this do it yourself home remedy would help you restore your armpit skin tone which would in turn boost your confidence and if it doesn’t that means there is a medical reason and this article would shed a little light on that area.

One important thing to note is that when trying to bleach your armpit right back to its original tone, its a home remedy that requires a little time, effort and patience. Here are three home remedies you can try out:

Before And After Armpit Change

Before And After Armpit Change

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1. Exfoliate Using Baking Soda

You should note that many a time dark underarm is caused by dead skin cells that have accumulated in your  armpit causing that area to be dark. Therefore exfoliate the skin under your arms gently with the help of white baking soda which can be used to make a special scrub for your armpit. Using baking soda would not only clear the dark armpit, it also helps to get rid of any odor from left over deodorant and antiperspirant stains which is one of the causes of dark armpit. Baking soda helps eliminate germs which keeps the underarm clean and odorless.


Take 3 table spoon of baking soda and mix with water to form a thick paste then apply them to your armpit and scrub the area softly for some minutes and then dry. you could also mix the baking soda with little water and wipe your armpit clean with it. continue this until you see changes.

Baking Soda And Water

Baking Soda And Water

2. Exfoliate With The Use Of Orange Peels

Another natural solution to the dark armpit struggle is with the use of orange peels. Orange peels can be used as a scrub because it has bleaching properties and it also smells good.


The steps are as follows: First you dry the peels in a shade, then you ground the peels into a powdery form. Next step is to add the powdered form into a rose water and milk mix to get a thick paste, then you apply it under your arms and scrub the area softly for 10-15 minutes max. Next step is to was off with cold water. Repeat this process till you see a change.

Orange peel, Rose Water And Milk

Rose Water, Orange peel And Milk

3. Olive Oil Remedy.

Oils provide a lot of remedies as they are rich in so many ingredients that are beneficial to us. A lot of ladies out there do not like the feel of oil on their skin but we must realize that its a necessity sometimes to keep fit and healthy. Lets see how olive oil can help bleach our under arm because of its anti-oxidants and other ingredients which is good for the skin.


First things first make sure to get an original extra virgin olive all and then brown sugar. Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 cup of brown sugar, wet your armpit, apply the mix under your arms  then leave it there for 5-7 minutes before you wash off with water. use this solution at least 3 times a week before you take a bath, do this to keep the mix from damaging your clothes.

Olive Oil And Brown Sugar

Olive Oil And Brown Sugar

So remember this article is not only for the ladies, the brothers can also take a cue as not only the ladies suffer from dark underarm.

Note that if this home remedy or any other does not work, you need to see the doctor because it might be a condition called acanthosis nigricans which can cause dark spots and mark around the body. note that this home remedy cannot cure this only a visit to the doctors can.

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