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Fashion and style are two different things, and they can be incorporated in various ways. The uniform style has been frowned upon as being too basic, instead of thinking of the uniform style as it was when we were back at school think of it as a signature look, or a statement look. Once you establish a signature look, then playing around with textures, styles and patterns would come easy likewise investing in pieces that would suit your look.

For many, their signature look is having the best style and also been awarded the best dressed every time. The key to developing your signature look is to spend time experimenting with various looks and then coming up with a style that suits your personality. remember that your look is really important and your signature look isn’t something that you wear everyday, just at least twice a week.

The signature look is not boring, rather it comes from gaining experience, knowledge and experimental which in turn breads a new style of class because you choose the trends you like rather than you succumbing to the trends. Know this, the uniform look is experimental and can adapt to any occasion once you have well understood your style.

Style choices can range from hipster, classic, street, modern, contemporary and a host of others, a lot of times its a mix of one or two of this styles to form something that would flow with your person.

Below are six style bloggers with bespoke and dapper styles, with a mix of classic, street, modern and contemporary.


Dejon Marquise

Hello World


Denola Grey

Denola Grey

proper as hell

Prosper as Hell



Raymond MetzHarbor-13


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