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The color correcting technique is an important aspect of makeup, therefore everyone should know how to color correct as its part of the routine makeup. The reason for color correcting is to even out the skin tone because as you know so many of us suffer from hyper-pigmentation. The color correcting techniques just like the contouring technique requires the use of different shades from the color correcting palette (some concealer palette come with the color correcting shades too).


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The dark skin is much more complicated because our shades are different and our undertones are different especially in some areas of our face for example our temple and chin areas may have a dark salmon hue while the under-layers of our T-zone would have a yellow hue. If this is the case, which is the case for a lot of dark skinned women then its important to pick the right color corrector for each complexion needs, its important to have a complete palette on hand but its more important to have the corrector palette or not.


The color correcting techniques might look daunting the first time you see how they line and shade with pastel colors but its not as technical as you would think, the video below shows YouTube Vlogger Destiny Godley color correcting with drugstore products

Source: YouTube-Destiny Godley

Before color correcting you have to figure out what parts of your face needs the correction, this would enable you to pick out the right shade and tone of color corrector you need. Remember to moisturize or apply light foundation on your face before color correcting.

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