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Hairstyles are meant to be practical and functional, of cause we have haute couture hairstyles which are the exact opposite but we don’t even care for that over here in Africa. African’s love their hair neat, able to pack and easy to maintain, doing other things like creating hollow’s in the middle of our hair or rings around it is impractical and we don’t do impractical.

Living in this continent that is filled up with a lot of inspirational people is a blessing. Our hairstylist who have fantasized and brought to life fanciful creations that is an inspiration enough for us to want to try it out are a blessings.

There are so many hairstyles that have been re-created and re-invented over time to suite every generation, some are classic with an intricate twist, others are simple and yet mesmerizing enough to turn heads as you walk down the street.

In all, while many of the hairstyles out there are attractive and they look wearable, you must discern which one you want to be seen in especially if you have to attend an event. You have to have a practical eyes that would help you translate an image into the perfect look.

While you are there wondering what hairstyles to try this time, we have gathered some interesting and yes!, wearable looks for you. We also considered that the weather is a bit on the humid side and so we selected easy to maintain and manageable hairstyles for you.

Keep scrolling to check out the cute hairstyles we think you should take note of this season:


Hello World




Bantu Knot


Water Curl

Muse: Kersti Pitre

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