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Being fashionable or having a flare for fashion can be a pain most of the time if we take time to admit it to ourselves but it is also blissful once we pull off an awesome look. A lot of the time we find ourselves in a pool of our own clothing because we can’t make a decision on what to wear because we are either bored or just simply tired of a particular look and at the end of the day we might rush off to work in an outfit that we don’t really enjoy.

Anyways, we can’t help that we love being fashionable, here are tips that can help minimize the stress of picking an outfit to wear to work. This is for you fashionista’s out there, spice up your career with these refreshing corporate look.

1. Embrace the classic look: This look is the easiest and simplest to put together but don’t forget to add statement accessories and trimming because without this, the look would ultimately become boring.

2. Add Edge: Now this look is not for everyone, because it requires a certain kind of confidence to say the least likewise its not for all work environment although anybody can add just a little bit of edge to their work outfits and get away with it. This style is best for people with not so strict work environment as they can incorporate about 50% of their personal style into their work outfit.

3. Visit Your Feminine Side: This look is soft and simple, as we have to embrace fully our feminine side, do this with skirts, flowy dresses, flower prints, minimal cute accessories and for color go with pink and other feminine friendly colors. Also embrace chiffon as its a fabric that has a way of bring out our femininity, go ballet shoes and midi dresses

4. Have fun being Sophisticated: Trying to achieve this look can be quite easy but it needs practice, all you have to do is have fun with your clothing and always add one or two statement pieces to your outfit.

5. Carefree and chic: This look is effortless and carefree but it still appears so chic and fashionable and most times, this look can fly as both corporate and street without so much fuss. its easy to achieve this look, start by playing with shapes and looks.

Tired of wearing boring outfits to work? or you’re looking for something easy with a little zest? Below are some in between outfits that would inspire your choice on what to wear to work this week.


Miss Blizzers

Miss Blizzers

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Style Pantry

Style Pantry







I hope this tips would help spice up your corporate look.

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