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I don’t know what makes us happier these days, when we hear our bestie’s boo has popped the question or when we remember that we are going to be planning/ attending a bridal shower. I’m so glad the days of only the man having the bachelor party is over and we women can also have all the fun on our bridal shower. The duty of planning the bridal shower doesn’t have to be the maid of  honor, any of the bride’s friend can be charged with the responsibility of planning the ideal bridal shower and you definitely don’t want her last day as a single girl to be uninteresting, so you have to  fill that day with a lot of interesting stuffs everyone would do.

Robe themed bridal shower

Robe themed bridal shower

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A bridal shower should never be boring, so here are some ideas that should guide you when planning an exciting bridal shower:

  1. You should consider what the theme of the bridal shower is, every bridal shower has its theme be it a tea party, a sleep over, a club or beach bridal shower. Whatever the case is, be sure to prepare the venue and decorate appropriately before that day. Invite all the bride’s friends and loved ones because that day has to be a happy day for her. The bride must not know what steps or preparations that are made for that day
  2. On that day, begin with an emotional but very funny speech of your experiences with the bride. Everyone can take turns when it comes to this, because everyone has her own experiences of how they met the  bride to be. This aspect of the bridal shower makes the bride very happy and gives everyone an insight of who they are to the bride.
  3. Okay enough talk! get the party started with exchanging gifts. Yes! you don’t go to bridal showers without wonderful gift for the to be bride. Well not gifts that are too serious but hilarious and amazing stuffs like lingerie, lip stick, vibrator, cuffs and other amazing stuffs.
  4. Well we are in Nigeria, so I really don’t know if there are male strippers, but  where there are none, time for games!! cards, Truth/dare, monopoly,scrabble, bingo and a lot of amazing and fun games. You don’t want everyone at the party to be bored, so choose a very exciting game where everyone would be involved.
  5. So we know many people would still be uptight at the party and we don’t want that happening, So let the Alcohol roll in. Let’s see the bride, friends all happy and spilling all their little secrets. Karaoke and so many things that happens when alcohol is involved. Please drink responsibly!!
  6. A bridal shower is not complete without amazing photo session with either your phones or a professional photographer.

I’m sure with this amazing  bridal shower ideas, the bride would be a very happy one and that’s suppose to be the goal of any friend or loved one planning a bridal shower. The bride to be and guests must be happy on that day.

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Be a very amazing bridal host. xoxo Thonia

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