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Hey Brides-to-be-Divas,

A bachelorette party also known as pre-wedding party. It is a party held for a woman who is about to get married. A bachelorette party is a last fun fare for the bride to be, it can also be a ladies night out. It is usually put together by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. This usually takes place the week of the wedding and usually involves a theme. The bride can partake in the planning of these events or it could be a complete surprise organized by her maids. It usually involves drinking, dancing, partying, and includes the bride’s close friends or family members who are of a similar age. Sometimes, the bride receives wedding favors.

Bachelorette party has a reputation as being “a sudden farewell to spinsterhood days,” a bachelorette’s party is simply a party, given in honor of the bride-to-be, in the style that is common to that social circle. It is usually confused with bridal shower, which occurs a couple of weeks before the wedding. Bridal shower is often with friends and well wishers. A bridal shower is a party for the bride where female family members and friends bring her gifts for the home. Usually the bridesmaids or or close family friend puts it together.

So Divas if your one of the very many brides-to-be divas or bridesmaids,  see these robes bachelortte parties we’ve got for you to help inspire your looks

Keep it popping in shimmering blue robes and red lips with the bride going for a white robe and sparkling tiara

Blue party

Hello World


Get inspired with the scrabble game tiles indicating your present relationship state in your bridal robe looks



Add fun to your party with placards for your girls telling their roles in the bride’s life



Make it worthwhile with your girls with placards telling their martial status



Cheers to your new married life with customized wine glasses



Enjoy your last single moments with your girls dressed in pink floral prints black robes and the bride in blue robe.



Sexy does for your girls in red robes and the bride in black robe



Spice it up with customized robes for your bride and her maids



The number one goal of bachelorette party is to have fun ,so have as much fun as possible.

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