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I know many are wondering what the this post is all about but I really am shocked as you are because this is a very weird thing to do to a girl especially when it involves her body parts. Breast Ironing or breast flattening as it is referred to sometimes is an act of using hard materials to try and make a girl’s breasts from developing. Some mothers usually claim they are protecting their mothers from $3xual harassment, rape or unwanted pregnancy that would destroy  the  the family name they have kept for so long. This is mostly practiced in parts of Cameron by mothers and some of the ladies came out to share their story.

Emmanuelle’s mum used driver ants to ensure her daughters breasts doesn’t grow more than the normal size. Emmanuelle who is just 23 years old narrated how her mum would call her and place this insects on her breasts all day long and she didn’t want to disobey her mother’s orders. In this case, driver ants was used in the breast ironing process.


Driver ants

Hello World

Carole who is 28 years now narrated how her Grandmother became very furious that her breasts were developing and decided to use hot rock on her breasts and she said the process went for so many weeks. Carole is very sad now because her breasts are not firm no longer. In her case, hot rock was used for breast ironing

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Hot rock

Cindy who is just 14 years usually wear a wooden bandage over her chest everyday to school because her mother doesn’t want her breasts to develop. Cindy cries that wearing the wooden bandage is very sad and she wishes she could stop but her mother checks her chest everyday to make sure she doesn’t remove it. Cindy says sometimes she won’t be able to breathe properly with the bandage on. In Cindy’s case, a wooden bandage has been used for breast ironing.


Wooden bandage

Cathy who is 27 years old narrated how her mother would use a Pestle that is used for grinding stuffs on her breasts to prevent it from developing. In this case a Pestle was used for breast ironing.



Agnes who is 32 years narrated how her Grandmother would use hot rock to massage her breast when she was 18 years twice a day to prevent its growth. In her case, Rock was used for breast ironing.



I’m still filled with shock because its totally devastating that mothers and  Grandmothers would do this act to their daughters. Breast are gifts from God and it developing is a normal process that would take place in any woman on earth. Its really sad these women didn’t have the strength to fight over this act when it was done to them. I don’t even understand what they mean by bigger breasts attract men? Like there are many women who don’t really have big breasts and get the attention of men. Some of my male friends even say sometimes they’ll rather be with someone with small breasts than one with bigger breasts. The Cameroonian women have really based their assumptions on a wrong premise.

If this ever happened in Nigeria, I’m sure many activists would be totally against it and I personally won’t allow my mum hit me strange objects all in the name of making my breasts smaller. Its not being disobedient, its just for my safety and my health. We should stand up against anything that is negatively done to us.

I really hope the Government especially in Cameroon make a constitutional right to stop this from continuing. Like really who does this to their daughter? totally unfair.

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