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Growing up, my mom used to make breakfast for us, we would sit down and eat, I look at my younger one’s and that same habit has been cultivated in their life, however as adults this habit seems to be lacking in many of us, I included. Somehow the rush to get to work in good time always makes us ignore an breakfast meals, some might eat something on the way while others would have to wait tiill its lunch break.

We hear it all the time, breakfast meals are not to be skipped and of cause the medical specialist and nutrisionist are not just saying this because they feel like, rather they are saying this because it is an important aspect of one’s livelihood. I carried out an experiment once, I tried eating breakfast everyday for 3 weeks, although at first I felt heavy and sleepy over time I became light and heavy. Now its easy to start and stay for a while but the discipline to continue is another thing.

There is the need to have a breakfast meal everyday, is you don’t believe me these are four reasons why you should;

  1. If you don’t eat breakfast, you have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to when you eat breakfast everyday.
  2. Study has shown that skipping breakfast is associated with heart disease, elevated blood sugar levels and hypertension.
  3. Eating breakfast is ikely to improve cognitical functions related to test grades and memory.
  4. People who eat breakfast as their largest meals are bound to loose weight while those who skipped breakfast gain weight.

Below are 3 videos with healthy breakfast meals that you can plan out this week;


Source: YouTube Channel Allnigerianrecipes


Scrambled Eggs

Source: YouTube Channel Sisiyemmie TV

You can serve with bread, sweet potato, irish potato or yam
How do you feel when you eat breakfast? Let us know in the comment section below.

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