Boyfriend Cheats on Girlfriend With Best Friend A fan in Distress Needs Your Advice

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Boyfriend Cheats on Girlfriend With Best Friend A fan in Distress Needs Your Advice

Well this has nothing to do with Fashion at all

We got this in our inbox from a fan and we thought its worthy of publishing. Do read and pass on intelligent advice. Please no curses. Thanks

“I’m just going to be as brief as i can about this cause taking about it still hurts, i guess that’s why i decided to write about it instead. I’m new to this so bear with me,i just need the best advice i can get right now and yes i know its a cliche but this is my cliche.

i met john in my year one, it was definitely not love at first sight, but it was something, he was in his final year when i met him and he was a real charmer. contrary to my plans of not dating till i was done with school ,he just made all that seem like BS [sorry for the language] but that was how i felt, he showed me so much love and care and made me feel like i was the only thing he saw, i was with no doubt the envy of my friends at the time. it was more than amazing the first few months i tell you and he never for once asked for $3x,that was just the best part about it all cause i was not deflowered at the time and that was just the scariest part for me dating.

But as time went on i got more comfortable with him and i start going to his house cause he had an apartment in school yeah  sometimes he tried to touch me i might allow some but when it gets to uncomfortable i’ll redraw, he didn’t seem bothered about it at first but after 3-4 months into the whole thing he started giving me annoying attitudes and sometimes he says things like you can never find a guy like me that would still be with you even when we don’t do stuff and because i loved him it would get to me and i’ll tell my best friend dami about it and she’ll be like its true,there aren’t guys like that in the market anymore you are just lucky he hasn’t forced you, you shouldn’t lose him uche he’s the best thing that has happen to you, do yo know how many girls out there would kill for what you have were always her words and because she was older i always listened to her.

so one faithful day i decided to let it go,told myself i was making a fuss out of the whole wait till marriage ish that i needed to be more new school and all…so i called him up told him to prepare something special that i was finally going to get down with him, oh God i thought that was the happiest day of his life cause the way he shouted and came straight to school carried me up and turned me around,it felt like he had won a lottery or something, so that night he took me to a really big hotel and before i knew it, it was over. it wasn’t the best i must say but he promised it would get better and it did.

uhmmm to think i actually believed all he said, well let me not divert, so it wasn’t so bad after that, dami was a shoulder to cry on when things were not so great. i told her everything the good, the bad, the ugly she was really my rock. we talked about it all his finances, his failures infact his perfect imperfections [so over terms like that]. Then one day john says he’s going to Abuja for a job ish he’s been working for a while, i was so excited cause i thought that was our big break. He said he was going to stay a week so the day before he was to come back i decided to do something special for him wanted dami to help but i just couldn’t find her anywhere and her number wasn’t going so i said i’ll just clean his apartment before he got home and maybe prepare something nice, i was so excited ,was just smiling like a fool walking down to his house and as i got in [for real the door should have been locked] i saw john and dami it was the worse sight ever, my head was spinning ,i just couldn’t think right, they didn’t even notice me self , that hurt more, didn’t know what to do or what to say self,so i just left.

i guess he heard the door close after me cause he came running after me, i just looked at him and kept walking, he tried to talk but i knew if i said one word i just might lose it so i just kept walking, got a bike and i was out of there and to think dami was staying with me at the time because she had issues with accommodation, i so didn’t see the good times at that point i just took all her things and threw it out, she came begging later and i was not just in the right place to hear her.

to cut the long story short i lost my pride to him .i don’t think I’ve been normal since then it was the worse day ever i mean dami!!! of all the girls he could have dami!! i told her everything about john, i mean everything…so not talking to them again but its so hard , i dont think i can do that cause i know i need to forgive them but its so hard and it still hurts and the pain,that i can’t even express, its like a huge burden has been placed on my heart ,i don’t know what to do…what can i do? how would i heal ? how would i forgive ? how would i move on ? why didn’t i even see the signs or something? just help!”

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