Get a CowGirl Look With Bowler Hats [See Photos]

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I think in one way or the other at one point in our lives being a cowboy was something we wished we were. At least I did,i liked the jean,big buckle belt,big boots,the whip and of course the bowler hat. The hat was an integral part in that outfit.
When you think deep on these ‘western’ fashion style.

Then think on African culture and dressing, I see no difference.

Its more like refining and recreating an existing product. The content is exact,but the packaging is different.

The bowler hat is an integral part of the south-south people,as a man from that part of Nigeria,you can’t step out in your traditional attire without the hat.

Now,modernisation has repackaged it and we can wear bowler hat on anything. From jean,to skirts and to dresses,its not only for traditional outfits only,but it has being adapted into other forms of dressing.Going to the beach or to the club,wear a jean, a polo top and complete it with a bowler hat. The effect is sizzling! And the good news is,both male and female can rock this mode of fashion perfectly.





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So, if you forgot your sunglasses at home,not to worry,the bowler hat can do the job of shading your face from the harsh weather. Be fashionable,be decent and be careful with your health.The bowler hat makes a fashion statement,making you look casual,relaxed with a tinge of authority and class. All in a hat…no wonder the cowboys never leave their ranch without it.

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