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Loosing weight is a little bit mathematical, its all about eating less calories than you burn . There are a lot of properties that can make a certain food or fruit perfect for weight loss either they are high in fiber, low in carbohydrates or calories. There are certain food that can help you shed weight that doesn’t have to taste badly, a lot of them help to increase your metabolism, help to prevent chronic disease, improve eye sight and keep your mind sharp. Some of this food can make you feel full longer and help reduce cravings.

There are several foods that help with weight loss, they include:

1. Beans: The best thing about beans is that they are inexpensive, versatile and filling. Beans especially the black beans, garbanzo beans, white beans and kidney beans are a great source of fiber and protein, they do not contain any saturated fat found in other protein sources like red meat. Beans take longer to digest that which would stop you from over eating.



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2.  Oats: Oats help to boost the metabolism asides the fact that it helps to burn fat, they are rich in fiber therefore half a cup which packs 4.6 grams would fill you up throughout the day.



3. Dark Chocolate: Study has shown that helps to reduce cravings, so instead of going for the milky chocolate during snack time pick a square or two of the dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

4. Fruits ( Avocado’s, Pear, and Blue berries ): Avocados have a certain oil which is good for the body, stick to a quarter or half an avocado a day, asides from oleic acid, avocado is reach in protein and fiber. 1 pear a day is the daily recommendation for this fiber rich fruit, but you can do as much as 3 because it has been medically proven that eating 3 would help weight reduction more times than just once. The blue berries are best known for their anti-aging effect, they are rich in fiber, eating one 1 to 2 cups helps to keep you full. Other fruits that are super helpful include Apple, Grapefruit, banana and oranges.



5. Eggs and Sausage: Starting the day with a protein filled breakfast would help to keep you full till the evening as a study showed that those who eat proteins food for breakfast stay full compared to the women that ate non-protein meal.

Protein Breakfast

Protein Breakfast

6. Green Tea: Steamy green tea helps to hydrate, also the antioxidant properties in green tea helps to burn up fat and calories. research shows that 5 cups a day helps to reduce weight loss. Green tea is cheap, reachable and versatile.

Green Tea

Green Tea

7. Nuts: There are some nuts that have too much oil but there are some with a lot of fiber. Take a handful of nuts like almond, pine nuts, walnut, lentils, pecans as they feel you up reducing the amount of food you would eat later.



Other helpful food include yogurt and plantains. While aiming to loose weight shop for food items with lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grain. Maintain a specific diet of food that would help reduce your weight.

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