Beauty tips: The eye-shadow.

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It is said over and over again that the eyes are the window of the soul. The eyes are very crucial…even in make-up!



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Make-up is basically or mostly for the face, therefore, your eye brow, lipstick, eye liner and eye shadow are very important. Blending the right colours, choosing the right colour to blend with your make-up and outfit is a serious job. Yea….serious!
Gone are the days where you wear a blue shoe, carry a yellow bag and wear a blue eye-shadow. No!!… Eye shadows can be applied differently and two or more colours can be perfectly blended making no match whatsoever with your outfit, but standing on their own.
To get a perfect make-over, play with colour tones to achieve the right balance. Just like our outfits,there are some colours that do not blend with each other. If you want a natural look, you can’t blend green and purple, you will be better with gold or brown, depending on your skin colour. To avoid sharp, undesirable contrasts, blend the colours together before applying them.

The eye-shadow makes your eye stand out and look more attractive. It complements your eye colour and draws attention to your eyes and your face by extension. The eye-shadow can either be liquid or powder, depending on your preference. You can apply it using a brush or your finger but you have to be careful while applying it if you are going to avoid creases.
The natural or bold look is left to you. You can match up your gele, shoe or bag with your eye-shadow. The eye-shadow is an extra fashion boost so make the right choice to give your face that great look

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