Beauty Therapy For That Event Tomorrow.

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Hey Ladies

So am sure we all agree that we need to look our very best for that owambe (event) that we need to attend, but before that you need to remember that to have a glowing appearance you need to pamper your skin, so buckle your seat belt let me take you on a beauty therapy trip.

Face Cleansing

Face Cleansing

Hello World

your skin is the largest and most obvious part of your body and for a lot of ladies out there it is malnourished, scaly and dry  which off cause is not a good thing, we need to pamper and do everything to protect this skin as its the part that everybody see’s including ourselves.

Usually a lot of working ladies do not have time during the week to take care of their skin, but if you can make out time to follow this easy steps it would help refresh your skin and help relax you in the process. This beauty therapy can be applied for an everyday beauty treatment. Always remember when cleansing or moisturizing your skin, it has to be in an upward circular manner because if you do it another way around you would simply be tugging at your skin which might harm the skin on your face as it is delicate especially the area below the eyes so always be gentle and cautious when cleansing or moisturizing your face.

First Things First

Make sure to cleanse your face and neck with a wash cloth, cleansing foam or cotton wool every morning and night. Cleanse your face softly and avoid cleansing agents that are harsh and would harm your skin. Do not pressure your face while cleansing as that would make your make your face red and burn.

Another thing you could do is to tone your skin, usually this is done after cleansing your face and neck. you can even your skin tone out by applying a peel off, facial mask and any other skin tone agents that you use regularly. Make sure this product work for you before you apply

Tea Tree Face Mask

Tea Tree Face Mask

You could also moisturize your face and neck, the face and neck has to be extra cared for because that’s the most exposed part aside from your arms and legs. moisturizing has t be done both morning and night as its really important to keep the skin soft and sleek.

Now For Some Extra Care

Getting ready for an event or you just want to pamper yourself try the special home beauty therapy. First thing is always to exfoliate the skin as exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead skin cells remember to use gentle products and when exfoliating your entire body use an exfoliating glove to be able to get to the nook and crannies.

You can also apply eye cremes delicately around your eyes and the areas around it and also you can apply mask whether natural or product mask on your face and neck, once or twice a week make sure to leave it for ten to twenty minutes before taking it off gently with warm water and then tone and moisturize your face afterwards.

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Now i hope you would all try this home beauty therapy asides from the fact that it is therapeutic, remember we put our skin through a lot each day with pollution which include dust smoke and so on. So don’t be lazy, pamper your skin or if you cant do it at home because of the kids then take a day out to the spa because after all we all want our skin to glow like the lady below.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

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