Ankara Styles – How to Style Your Ankara Native For a Corporate Wear.

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It’s Thursday and still a workday. You are probably wondering how to work that ankara style cause you are not feeling too on the full corporate, long sleeve shirt, Black Pant trousers or skirt with a Jacket or a Blazer today. Yup!there are days like that, and you want to spice it up and dress a bit on the casual but still look smart for work with an Ankara piece.

Yes, you can! Ankara can be styled in so many ways and still keep you looking FAB. So how about we try a straight Ankara skirt mixed with a Denim Jacket, or a Ball skirt or Tutu Ankara skirt with the Denim Jacket to match. And if you feel you too casual to go with a Denim Jacket, how about throwing in a white collared corporate shirt, neatly tucked in. Voila! We still chic, stylish and corporate for the work environment. Or for the Pant trousers lovers, an Ankara long pant with a sweater and a blazer in hand, you don’t necessarily have to wear the Blazer and preferably Black.


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There are other ways Ankara can be casually worn, we also have the Jumpsuit in Ankara with a Blazer, or it can even be as little as carrying an Ankara bag. And who else to better get our cue from but the amazing stylist Folake Huntoon popularly known as style pantry. Check out the various Pictures attached for more style inspirations on how to create an amazing casual outfit to wear to work with Ankara.

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