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This days our Ankara styles have taken a much more contemporary look, rather than the normal blouse and skirt our designers have become more creative and with each fashion season comes a new look, style or trend, and all of this looks are of cause created using the African print Ankara. The Ankara might not have originally been for this part of the world but since it landed on our shores it has form a part of our local history and this in-fact is what makes up more than half of our outfits to social events and weddings.

Now like I said before the Ankara fashion has taken a little twist, this being that the styles ranges from elegant, classy, contemporary etc this Ankara designs would definitely make you appreciate the Ankara contemporary styles. The contemporary look boils down to how the modern woman perceives style, what does fashion mean to her, what does she imagine when the word Ankara fashion is uttered. The contemporary look makes the modern woman in vogue, some times it might be a little intense but surely that’s a good feel. Here are  six awesome and adorable Ankara design that is sure to get your attention whether you like it of not, scroll down to view this gorgeous take on a modern Ankara designs.



Hello World


Deep V




Patterned Jumpsuit



What do you think? Those the design speak contemporary according to your standards? was it too much or too little? Leave your views in the comment box below.

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