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Ankara Swim Wear

A day out on the beach or a dive in the pool is a good way to relax and unwind from the week’s work. The breeze is cool and chilled. Sit back and have a drink with some friends and instead of the usual modern English swimsuits or swim wears, bum shorts and tank, opt for an Ankara inspired swim wear which still keeps you looking stylish and different from the normal modern day trend.

Ankara fashion trend goes a long way and is seen to be incorporatedin swim wears. It is aimed at combining the African theme with the modern day fashion trend givingus yet more reasons to love the Ankara fashion. Ankara inspired swim wear are gradually coming up,we have designers coming up and bring out beautiful collection pieces, designers such as Rian

Yesufu, swim wear collections from Kamokini. We have designs of the swim wear which come infringes, pant bikinis.e.t.c. giving us more options to pick from.

So if you never taught Ankara fashion could look more stylish, here are a few Ankara swim wears

Hello World

swim5 swim6 swim7we’ve selected for you to try out this weekend. Wear Nigerian, rock African.

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