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Hey Lovelies

One thing that makes Ankara styles special is the fact that they are tailored and designed to fit any situation. Its not a matter of what age, its a fabric that everybody can attest to owning no matter the age difference. The diversity of the Ankara is what makes it attractive and that’s why its only going to get better (take note those in Ankara business).

Fashion overall has age appropriate styles but lately I realized many mature women have problems with trying out much more modern styles. My big aunt is in the age bracket of a mature woman and she is one woman with a great sense of style and from her I know a mature woman can still look decent in modern styles. Some women figure they should stick to a particular look  because they feel that would be the mature thing to do ‘WRONG’, that is the safest thing to do, maturity is not involved in this thinking process.

For brave mature women who want to incorporate more modern everyday looks to their wardrobe using the Ankara fabric here are great samples to inspire you;

A bubble cropped sleeved knee length dress is a great choice.



Hello World

A knee length pencil skirt with huge details would be great for a business meeting.



A maxi skirt is always the best option, you can wear it almost anywhere.



An elegant choice would be a full flared below the knee length baby doll gown.



Mixing print and going for a style with a cap sleeve would help you look younger.



A high waist below the knee length flared skirt is another perfect choice. 



One thing you would notice from this modern designs for mature women is the fact that nothing is too short, every cut is knee length and below the knee. Also the cuts are not clingy which is best.

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What do you think of this Ankara designs? Is it age appropriate? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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