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Its been a while we mentioned Shoes For Women. When it comes to fashion or style. There is one particular thing that you love most. One particular item of clothing you can’t do without. Its like a lady’s bag, there are some things you will find in every ladies bag. For some, if they do not complement their ensemble with sunglasses or neck pieces or hand chains or any kind of accessory, they feel their fashion style has not hit the nail on the head.



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I love shoes! There is just something unique about picking out the right kind of footwear to complement your clothing. For some,after dressing perfectly,they slip on a slipper or flat shoes or a pair of heels that do not match.
I beg to argue that your footwear will either make or mar your style. It would either complement it or destroy all the efforts you’ve put in dressing up.
Therefore,choosing the right pair of shoes is as important as the dress,skirt,short or blouse you’re wearing. Why? For obvious reasons. Your shoes speak for you,there are shoes and there are SHOES.
Going for an official meeting,dressed up in a beautiful suit and destroy it with a pair of sandals. See what I mean? You need to understand the ‘dynamics’ of shoes. (lol). Its a serious matter because where we go,where we step creates an inspiration before we show our full face.
A woman on heels is a powerful woman….ever heard that before? it’s true. Heels give you confidence,power and boosts your feminity.
Flats…these shoes are comfortable,gives you a look of order and makes you cute. you can’t wear heels everywhere,but the right flats will do the job.
Sandals,these footwear should be called ‘women’s saving grace’. Its a relief after stressing your toes and ankles in flats or heels. There are what I call relieves…you would understand after stepping out of a 12 inch heel into a pair of sandals.
Finally,the beauty in your shoe only comes out if you carry it with grace and authority. This is why you must wear comfortable shoes,if they aren’t comfortable,don’t wear them. There is nothing $3xy about a woman who is limping just because she can’t handle her shoes. Comfy is the watch word.

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