Amazing Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Theme’s You Should See

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Now its no secret that having a pre-wedding photo shoot is a trend that has come to stay in  Nigeria. There are so many pre-wedding photographs but so few with very nice and unique theme’s. One thing to note is that having a wedding theme is fun and interesting and can bring out life. As we all know a studio session can be bland and boring and devoid of feeling which is against the entire aim of a pre-wedding photo shoot.

The aim of the photographer is to capture the essence of the relationship between the about to be wed couples so that when others stare at the photographs they would be drawn to it and would be able to understand the love and relationship between the couples.

Pre -wedding photographs doesn’t have to be shot in an exotic environment as a lot of people confuse, a shoot can be anywhere as far as you are comfortable with the area or as far as whatever theme you pick flow’s with the environment. A good photographer knows to focus his lens on the couples and blur or knock out any distractions in the background whilst bringing the theme to life.

Here are amazing pre-wedding themed photo’s that can inspire an idea for your own photo shoot (if or when you are ready for yours)

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Junior Pope Odondowo and wife jennifer had an amazing pre-wedding photo shoot, its one of the very unique photo shoot in nigeria till date. Their pre-wedding shoot was shot in asaba and it had a village inspired theme which is absolutely fabulous, Its like seeing a movie scene after scene.

Jnr pope odondowo

Hello World

River Scene

Tapping Palm Wine

Protecting His Woman From A Prey

So Much Love

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I love this theme by Olawale and Adeola. Their Pre-wedding shoot was shot in a hanger as its an airport hanger theme and they pose as two pilots close to their helicopter. This is also a really unique theme.

Pilot Swag

Gentle Man

In The Plane

Helicopter Twinnies

Heli Love

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I love this theme although a lot of the pictures are in black and white but then again that’s the whole point, its like seeing a movie from the 1930’s and they even have the perfect costume on. Banji has on the famous Ben hogan kangol cap ( nicknamed taxi driver cap in nigeria as such because its favored by nigerian taxi driver) and moti has on a mimi style bow head band.

Starring Moti and Banji

Hey Babe

Let's Dance


On A Date

In Love

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