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worried lady

worried lady

Hello World

Today I would like to share with you guys points on how you can cope in a long distance relationship and when to opt out when the partner does not seem faithful. Sometimes we go on blind date or the partner lives in a separate state due to some reason but whichever way it is, here are few points that can help you cope and if you suspect any fowl play you can opt out. Before you opt out see points below that can be of help to you.

*This Is How To Cope With A Long Distance Relationship*

Communicate: Its very important that you communicate well with your partner, be open and free. The key to a happy relationship is good communication, schedule time to always discuss with your partner either through social medias or phone calls.

Be Optimistic: Stay hopeful and positive about the future of the relationship, Although it might not be easy but don’t let the distance affect you.

Believe in your Own Opinions: Don’t allow people to decide for you, sometimes it might be useful but don’t let them control your relationship.

Regularly visits Each other: It might be hard sometimes due to your personal schedule but plan time to see each other. Get to know each other well during the visitation and if possible meet family and friends of your partner.

Be Romantic To Your Partner: Don’t think because you aren’t seeing each other physically you don’t need to be romantic, my dear you need to so that your partner would always have you in mind. Remind your partner that you care, send romantic text messages often and if possible send emails and flowers.

*Here are when you should opt out*

 When the communication always seem boring

Lack of attraction

Unbearable missing

Constant disagreement

Uncertainty about the future


Fear of infidelity.

Here’s today’s story, read and share opinions below

 Dear Amaka,

Please i have this long distance relationship am into where i stays in abia state he stay’s in lagos. Though have know him for year’s but we have not had $3x, i told him that before we started the relationship he accept all of a saddening he start complaining that he what to have $3x with me that if i know i will visit him and i don’t need $3x i should stay back and forget about him i said OK no problem. Later he called me to fixed a date when i will be coming i asked him what happening in d rest day’s he told me that his sisters are visiting him blah blah. Reason why am confuse is that i don’t know if his for real. Please i need your advice on how to handle this issues. Thanks

Dear Worried Babe,

I would advice that you go and see him so as to know his kind of person. If you are not willing to have $3x with him on a first date, tell him and open up to him about your fears. If he seem unbothered and persistent about the $3x leave him, it shows that he only wants $3x from you. In all I wish you luck.

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