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Hello World

Today I would like to share with you guys tips on how to cope when your partner cheats. No one is perfect that’s why we are all humans, sometimes our partners might cheat or you suspect signs of cheating that doesn’t say we should neglect the person. Expect anything from anyone so incase you find yourself in this situation, these tips below would definitely help you pull through.

Get a clear facts: When you suspect that your partner is cheating, the first you should do is to get your facts clear and straight. Don’t confront without necessary findings.

Confront: Confrontation matters, ask about who your partner is cheating with. The truth may hurt though.

Don’t Blame Yourself: Don’t start blaming yourself when you notice that your partner is cheating, its certain that you might be feeling guilty that you are responsible in one way or the other but don’t think of blaming yourself. You might be at fault for certain problems but you should never, ever think that some mistake on your part makes your spouse’s cheating okay.

Don’t announce to the world: Its normal to feel the urge of informing someone about your partner actions but don’t tell all your family members. If you eventuality do, don’t start publicizing on social medias.

Take your time to think: Don’t jump to conclusions because you are angry that your partner cheats, its normal that you may feel sad and frustrated but take your time before taking any actions. Don’t start kicking the person out or taking any drastic measures that might have a negative effect on your future. Reflect on the issues about what happened and whats best for you.

 An unrepentant cheat should not be condoned. If your husband or wife is blatantly cheating and has chosen to continue, you should ask him or her if he or she is still interested in the affair. You can forgive if your partner is ready to stop, but if he or she continues, then may be he or she needs to chose who he or she really wants to be with so that you can also move on if need be.

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Dear Amaka

Gooday ma, am in a relationship of abt 4 months n we r on d page of marriage. I knew him tru somebody. We hv gone to church n i hv told my parents. I forced myself on him for $3x n later on  going tru his phone, i found many chats wit oda girls…romantic msgs. I got angry but he begged n he reported himself to his sisters n they begged on his behalf. Am not sure I want to still marry him.

Dear Worried Babe,

The guy is definitely not really interested in you because if he truly wants you there’s no point of him still keeping other babes. I would like to advice that you should still give him more time and if you see that there’s no changes and the love isn’t the way it should be my dear pack your things and leave. In all I wish you the best.

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