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A hair closure is basically a small hairpiece. It is usually used with hair weave installation and allows you to wear a full unit/full weave without leaving much, if any of your hair out. Closures are exceptional hair pieces in which hair strands are tied onto a piece of lace.

This is the ultimate weave you need when you want your weave to look as natural as possible. They are used to give a realistic look to wigs and weaves with a skin-like finish that matches the colour of your scalp. They allow you to have a total protective style because none of your hair is left out.

Hair closures are here and sure can be used by all women irrespective of your type of hair, whether natural or those with the scanty front hair lines.


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Since we have come to love this new weave innovation, so just how should we care for hair closure. Here are some tips in how to take proper care of your hair closure…

  •  Don’t push your combs/clips into your closure so hard to dig into your head. Doing this could cause a tension which will promote hair breakage and scalp damage.
  • Straightening your hair lace closure often can cause it to eventually break off.
  • Remember closures are not made equal as they come in different sizes. With a lace based closures, your hairstyle can be more flattering and breathable.
  • It is advisable that closures are sewn and not glued to avoid loss of hairline and destruction of closure. Using glue for closure is bad and could lead to hair loss.
  • Ensure that the area at the front of the hairline & crown area is well blended.
  • For best result with hair closure, ensure a skilled professional installs the closure.

Have you tried out this new hair trend? Share with us in the comment box, your thoughts, views and ideas on hair closure.

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