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Azealia Banks is mostly known for her twitter fights, especially with her rival Iggy Azealia. One thing she always stands for is the black people but as it turns out she has been discredited for not being African enough. The whole debacle started when she put off a tweet pic with a tweet stating that this was indeed her second time reading The African Diaspora by Toyin Falola which of course has to do with the African culture, she subsequently received a slur of attack from Africans and some people in general saying she didn’t know what she was talking about.

A Nigerian journalist supported her claim and got a backlash for doing so. So far I think this whole situation is quite ridiculous, what makes a person African? it is enough that a black individual from diaspora wants to know and understand their root, I do not always root for Azealia Banks but in this case I have to because to me she is being treated unfairly as there is no crime trying to understand and support where your ancestors come from whether you were born in diaspora or not

So far so good, people are still talking and commenting, dropping in their two piece, I would say Africans should support the blacks who want to know and understand more of their cultural heritage instead of ridiculing them its rather unfair and not African at all. We are known to be loving no matter the odds so lets stick to that.

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So what do you guys think? do you consider this discrimination or do you think azealia banks is in over her head? Leave all comments in the comment box below. 

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